Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • I am SO sick of the cold temps that I can hardly stand it. 
  • I can't wait until April 19th because that is when my series of tests for my Minnesota teaching license will be over.
  • I am very HOPEFUL that I will find a full time job teaching this Fall.
  • I have been teaching first grade since November 2010 (as a long term sub) and am in the same school different classroom teaching the same grade. 
  • The first position was for a wonderful teacher who had her very first baby. 
  • My thoughts and prayers are for the teacher I am currently taking over for.  She is battling cancer and has a VERY long road ahead.  I am hopeful that everything will work out for her.  She is 42 years old and has a serious fight ahead and I will prayer for her and her family everyday. 
  • The glass of wine I am drinking right now is AMAZING!!  Love the 3 buck Chuck from Trader Joe's.
  • Shopped last weekend at Nordstrom's Rack and I CAN'T wait to go back.  LOVED IT!!!
  • Baseball season is ready to start and I am SO excited!!!  GO Brewers and Twins!! (National and American League favorites!!)
  • Feeling like that I can finally call this place I moved to HOME!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No More White Stuff

Dear Mother Nature,
I saw on the calendar that as of 6:21 pm on March 20th was the First Day of Spring.  I believed you when all of this stuff was melting and I saw what the VOLES did to my yard.  I was hopeful because I've been running outside and even went rollerblading.  I was so excited for all of this winter STUFF to Be gone!! 

However, I was so duped!!  Another 9.5 inches added to our whopping 84.6 inches to the season. 

 Had to put back on the snowpants and get out the shovels.
 And the snowblower!
 Look at the height of that walkway!
Can't forget the mailboxes...we got a couple warnings this winter from the postal service about proper digging out for the safety of the drivers. 

I am hoping this is the last of this stuff!!

I am SO READY for Spring!!  (or Summer too)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where is Spring? is March 22nd!! And I am waiting for the arrival of Spring.  I know the calendar says it SUPPOSE to be spring, but when you live in Minnesota, I guess you have to wait a little longer.  We have a winter storm warning tonight....we could get up to 11 inches of snow.  I will post pics...

So I guess I can only dream of those warm sunny days. 

Friday, March 18, 2011

Darn Critters!!

We had our share of winter this year.  I haven't seen the grass since November.  As you can see the harsh winter has taken a real toll on our lawn.  It's not the snow that created this awful is this annoying little critter called a VOLE!!  I have never heard of these pesky little guys until I moved to Minnesota. 
They make tunnels and mounds of dirt and eat the roots of your grass!!! They are annoying!! 



This is a vole...looks like a mouse!!  UGHHHH!!!

So glad the snow is melting...but looks like hubby has a huge project this Spring!!  I'll help....maybe.....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Bad Habit

When B started second grade his teacher was concerned about his very bad habit of hair twirling.  We chalked it up to nothing but a nervous habit that he will outgrow.  No big deal.  Then he started finger chewing...ughhhh that was seriously disgusting.  He gave that up after we made him wear gloves and put nail biting stuff on his fingers. 

We thought we were in the clear of all of these nervous little habits he had started. 

Fast forward 4 years later and B is still hair twirling and we use to tease him and make light of it until just recently he developed a tiny bald spot on the top of his head.  We finally gave him a final more hair twirling or we WILL shave his hair off!! 

He loves his mop of a hairdo, so now he has decided to wear a hat ALL of the time...minus school and soccer practices.

Time will tell...I am secretly hoping I can cut his hair to look like it did last spring...short and clean, not this mop!!

You can see the spot on the top of his head!!

Hopefully wearing hats around the house is our solution!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Roaring Like a Lion!!!

March came in roaring like a lion!  I had big plans to run after work because it was suppose to be a high of 35 degrees and in Minnesota that is balmy....almost flip flop weather!!

I walk out of work and thought oh there is a little wind... I can do this.  ( It beats the treadmill!!!) I came home got some winter running gear on and off I went. 

I never imagined it would be THIS cold!!  The temperature dropped like 20 degrees, the wind picked up ALOT, and by the time I finished mile 2; my face hurt to the point where if I cried, my tears would of froze to my face!! 

If I had my phone with me, I probally would of called for someone to pick me up. ( not really, but a good thought)

I made it home after a brutal wind bashing run....3 1/2 miles.  You can view photos on my link to my 365 blog!!  Crazy stuff!! 

One thing I am hoping for, is that March goes out like a LAMB!!