Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Wish RIght Now...a Wish Right Now

Job hunting really sucks. I have applied for multiple teaching jobs in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota and I've heard nothing. I've emailed principals and even the hiring administrator. What else do I need to do to say....Hey I want an interview.

Sometimes I wake up at night in a sweat just thinking about the day I turned in my letter of resignation to my administrator. I was so sick (mentally that is) to do it. I was shaking. That was a very hard thing to do.

That teaching position I had was 16 years of my life. I have known some of my co-workers that long. Just today I received a wonderful card that just made me start crying. The words she wrote were so nice, I couldn't help but cry. To say she will miss my zest for life and my smile and my funny stories. Damn!!!

Just wondering if the interview team looks at my resume and thinks I am over the hill and wouldn't make a great fit. I just wish there is something else I could do? Or if there is, does someone have a grand idea for me?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Let's Talk Books

Summer is my most favorite time to read. I have more time to do it and I just love soaking up some sun on the patio when I do it. I just finished reading Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin. I really liked the book. It was easy to read and I've read all of her books so far. I also wanted to start the series by Janet Evanovich...One for the Money and so on. I only read the first one, so I have a lot to catch up on.

However, there is one book that has intrigued me and it is called The Lovely Bones. I am so scared to start reading it? Anyone else read it? What do you all think?

Or anyone have any other suggestions? I am heading to the library this morning after I spend a more money at the eye doctor. I learned my lesson this year and will put that money in a Flex account for next year. I think I dropped a total of 700.00 on stuff between my daughters and me. Insurance doesn't cover a whole lot. So the exams, contacts, and glasses all add up. Yikes!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

What A Message

Saw this on a FB post this morning and just had to share.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Seems Like Forever

I can't believe it has been over 3 months since I last posted on this blog.

I really want to get back into the blog world again. I finally feel like I have the time to do it.

I am probally going to change my title...still in the thinking phase of it all.

In a nutshell for the last 3 months this has been my life.

  • Husband lives in Minneapolis and I live in Wisconsin. He commutes here on the weekends.
  • Our house is up for sale and has been since March. Wish it would just sell. I really am trying to be patient.
  • I resigned my teaching job that I had for 16 years. I was a serious basket case for a while. I still am numb and feel like I am in mourning.
  • Cleaning out a classroom you've had for that long was a lot of work. I filled up the third stall of our garage. (Hubby thinks I am a hoarder..honey you just need a lot of things to teach young kids)
  • I've applied for many teaching positions in the Minneapolis area....still waiting for that phone call for an interview. But with my years of experience, I am way too expensive and not desirable for school districts that have a budget crisis. I just wish I could tell them that I will work for a lower pay...I just want a job.
  • Trying to enjoy my time off, but it gets awful lonely when hubby is gone and the kids are always doing things with their friends.
  • I am still a work out nut job and completed my second half marathon in May. I ran a race last weekend and am still thinking about doing the Trek triathlon in 2 weeks.
  • I am going to check in on your blogs and see what you have been up too and I am even going to give this blog some TLC and post photos and other things.

So cheers to feeling like I am back in it and trying to get back to my old self!!!