Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day at Mill City Museum

Back in December I took a field trip with the first graders I teach to a really cool museum called The Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis.  So when I knew my father in law was coming to town to visit, I knew he would think this place was "neat!"  ( He uses that word a lot...neat)

Brandon and Grandpa Lennie waiting for the movie Minneapolis in 19 Minutes Flat to begin.  A very quick movie on how Minneapolis became the city it is today.  And all with typical accents like  "Don't you know it" and a "You Betcha!!"  Too funny!!

 Emma hanging out and waiting to take the Flour Tower Tour (no pictures allowed on that tour)

 The view from the look out...

 Playing with water never gets too old!

Trying to figure out where that puzzle will fit by the river!

Finished our afternoon off with a lunch at Rock Bottom Brewery. 

Great weekend with Grandpa Lennie!!

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