Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year in Review

This year was a real change for us. So here it goes...a quick summary!!

January~ Hubby accepted his new job in Minneapolis, MN. We knew we going to move away from our family and friends. So we started off with a good-bye party for Hubby! Here are some of the kids with Grandpa (Hubby's Dad).My favorite girls! (or some of them)
Hubby and his best bud
Hubby left in February to live 377 miles away from us. So, of course before he left we had E's birthday party. She always says that was the worst birthday ever because her Dad left on her real birthday. So we tried to make it as special as possible.

E and her bud MJ...they have such a special bond.

E turning 8!

In February my kids took their first airplane flight to Minneapolis to visit their Dad. He lived right downtown and right by the Mississippi..thought I would share the first photo I took!

March came and went....(couldn't find any photos...bad Mom). One great thing is that hubby came home every weekend to see us. He earned plenty of air miles!

April~ I took the kids to Spring Break in Florida. Hubby started a new job and couldn't take the time off. It was hard for him, but I knew that the kids needed something to take their mind off of this sad time for them. So, I booked a flight and we went to Fort Myers and Cape Coral for the week and spent the week with my family in a Condo. We missed hubby a lot and now are looking at a family vacation for the upcoming Spring Break.

At the end of April, E made her First Communion. We are still looking for a Catholic Church up here(Twin Cities) that we can join.

May~ A great Mother's Day weekend. We also took another trip to Minnesota to see Hubby for Memorial Day weekend. The kids third airplane trip in 3 months. We were getting good at going through security and becoming good travelers!!

June~ It was one of the hardest months for me. I resigned my teaching position I had for 16 years. I must of cried for a week straight. I sometimes still cry because that was my second home for so long. I made so many friends and became a very confident and well respected teacher in the district. I felt like someone kicked me so hard that I was never going to get back up.

In the midst of sadness we did our annual Brewer outing. So here is A enjoying a little tailgating!!

July~ Cheers to our week long camping trip! It was a great week with family and friends! We even had a huge storm that didn't bring us down...spite the fact that we hung out in the bathrooms while the tornado went by.

We sold our home in Wisconsin and found our new home in Minnesota. It all happened so perfectly.

August~ Had our final good-bye bash at our home in Wisconsin. It was a lot of fun. It was also a very emotional night saying good-bye to everyone.

The movers came at the end of August and packed our entire house up and shipped it to be unpacked in our new home in Minnesota.
As we drove away I must of cried until we stopped at the hotel for the night. I cried the next day and the next. I think I cried everyday for quite sometime.

In September we took the kids to the Twins Baseball field and had some fun taking pictures. My parents came up Labor Day weekend. It was nice to have family around.

The kids started their new schools and I did not. That was the first time in 16 years I didn't have that same jittery feeling! And I MISSED IT SO MUCH!!!! I again cried and cried because all I wanted was my career back and a purpose! Being a mom and wife is a purpose, but I missed my passion. I didn't get any interviews all summer for positions I was applying for and I almost gave up hope. I decided not to give up and so glad I didn't.
Because October came and I got an interview! The first one wasn't a success, but the second one was and I got a long term teaching position teaching first grade for 12 weeks!!!!!!

In October our best friends came from Wisconsin for a visit. We went to the apple orchard and just enjoyed their company!!

November~ We were blasted with our first snowfall of the season. I started my long term teaching position. I made some friends. I didn't feel so lonely anymore and my crying has almost stopped. I still have some tears now and again, but nothing like I use to. I have actually really started to like it here. I think Zena does too!!

December~ We were blessed to have more snow and tons of it. I feel more like myself everyday! I miss my friends and family like crazy, but I also am looking forward to next year and feeling hopeful that I will find that teaching position. I will pass all of my tests that I need to take for my permanent license. My friendships that I've started here will grow and my life here will be great and normal and feel like home should feel.
Cheers to a Happy New Year!!

We were all good this year! Our family has grown together and really bonded together. So Raise Your Glass and Cheers once again!!!

Just in Time

Winter Fun! We went tubing with a great group of friends and of course my wonderful family!! It was a great night for this winter fun. Just as we were there some drizzle started and the hills were really icy which made for some serious speed down the hill! Little Miss E waiting her turn to go down all by herself!

It was fun when we tied our tubes together and went down!
Here comes E....when with a big group of people, those stoppers didn't do much, we flew right past!

The girls getting ready to go down!

They she goes again!

Hubby and A

The boys...they are red not from cold but the sweat they probally had going up and down the hill faster and faster each time! They opted for the walk up and not the magic carpet ride up.
Thank you my Minnesota friends for introducing us to this really cool place!
Some of the snow melted because of the rain we had, but I am sure it will snow soon and then who knows, maybe we will try skiing or snowboarding!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Another Snow Day...

This has been a crazy blizzard filled day in Minnesota. I have never seen this much snow in my life or that I can remember. Snowdrifts taller than me. It is so bad interstates are shut down for miles and miles (like 3 hours worth of driving miles). B is all bundled up and ready to shovel!
E being silly and making a bed in the snow!

Things got so bad, the plow even got stuck! The front loader came a short time later and dragged him out.

In the meantime....the kids thought they would go with their shovels and help him out!!